Polly Pocket Stick ‘n’ Play Dolls & Playsets Review – Stick ‘em, Love ‘em!

by Alecia on August 17, 2012

My girls love dolls and playsets, so when I was recently offered the opportunity to review the *NEW* Polly Pocket dolls and sets, I jumped up & down (and said YES).  Like most children their age, my kids seem to be drawn supernaturally to small toys – the tinier, the better … for them, but not for our vacuum cleaner or our desire to keep toys fun to play with and not lost forever!

So, what makes the new Polly Pocket Stick ‘n’ Play sets so different?

Allowing girls to transform ordinary situations into extraordinary adventures, Polly Pocket’s new line of small dolls and play sets continue to offer delightful and unexpected surprises. In response to feedback from moms and girls, the popular doll line now features a new Stick ‘n’ Play innovation – suction components that ensure a Polly piece won’t get lost again. Girls can enjoy the pint-sized fun at home or on the go as you hit the road for summer travel.

Moms and Dads everywhere REJOICE!!  After watching my girls get lost in their imaginations, and not lose the toys, I can tell you that your kids will rejoice too!  Thanks to the changes made, the new Polly Pocket toys are fun even for smaller children (my youngest is not quite 3 yet), and will keep them entertained for hours!

As part of our review, we received the Polly Pocket Hangout House Playset ($19.99) and Polly Pocket Stick ‘n’ Play Kerstie Baking Party Playset ($11.99).  The baking party room can snap into the house playset, making it one larger playset, or keep them apart to allow kids to play with separate areas.

We loved the suction abilities of the toys!! Each part can be stuck or unstuck easily, but they don’t fall off easily, and even the dolls come with removable shoes that have suction cups on the bottom!  The playsets are very interactive and the house features a doll, pet, swirling pet “elevator”, sliding doll “elevator”, flip-open pool section, varying rooms, and lots of accessories!  The baking set also comes with a doll, fun accessories, and suction-tiered cake!

We really try to encourage our kids to think outside the box and be as imaginative with their toys as possible.  The new Polly Pocket toys allow them to do this – all over the house! My girls love to stick Polly, her friends, pets, and toys on the counters, floors, and even windows!! It might not be the most glamours home decor choice, but it is fun to see when walking into a new room!

Finally, the toys are very portable!!  My oldest doesn’t take a nap anymore, but she still spends some time each afternoon playing alone in her room.  The Polly Pocket dolls and playsets have been her newest favorite toys to take with her during these “quiet times”.  She affixes all of the accessories to the playsets and easily carries the whole set upstairs. When naptime is over, she does the same to bring them downstairs!  This toy would be a great option to take when traveling, too!

I have a feeling that the new Polly Pocket dolls & sets will be a HUGE hit this holiday season, so be sure to grab yours well in advance!  You can also visit the Polly Pocket website to learn more about their new toys, find online games for your kids, videos and more!

* I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Polly Pocket. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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