Hoover MaxExtract 60 Carpet Cleaner Review

by Alecia on August 17, 2012

I was recently selected to receive and review the Hoover MaxExtract 60 PressurePro Carpet Deep Cleaner as part of a Mom Central campaign.  Although it was not part of the requirements to post our review on our blogs, I thought that I would share my opinions with you anyway – because I’m sure that some of you, like I was, are in the market for a quality and worthwhile carpet cleaner!

When looking to purchase a carpet cleaner, the ultimate goal and expectation is that when you’re done, you’ll have clean carpets. I’m extremely pleased to report that the Hoover MaxExtract 60 does this – very well!!

I was fortunate enough to recently take the Hoover MaxExtract 60 for a test drive – through my whole house! As you all know, we have 2 very messy children and recently listed our house for sale. Although our carpet is fairly new (4 yrs and counting), the areas where we have carpet are the most trafficked in our house – the family room, dining room, living room, stairs, and upstairs hallway. We have both traditional carpet & Berber.

I borrowed a friend’s carpet cleaner (not a Hoover) about 2 months ago in an attempt to save money from having them professionally cleaned (which we’ve had done before). Ultimately, our carpets were cleaner, but they still looked older and used. Plus, it took them almost a full 24 hrs to dry. I was extremely grateful to our friend for allowing me to borrow her cleaner, but based on this experience, I didn’t have enormously high hopes for the Hoover.  I chalked up the results as typical for any “at home” carpet cleaner, but the Hoover proved me wrong!

Using the Hoover MaxExtract 60, I was able to clean all of the carpets in our house in about an hour. Being 25 weeks pregnant, this was a big accomplishment!! The machine is very easy to use with limited “bells & whistles”. It is light to carry up and down stairs, and although somewhat difficult to maneuver, the shape of the base allows you to easily and systematically clean the carpets, even close to the walls and around corners.

The heating system works well and the suction of the device is very powerful, allowing you to pull up water quickly and efficiently – thus removing dirt well and allowing your carpets to dry quickly. The scrubbers on the bottom were powerful enough to gently massage the carpet, but not too powerful that they damaged or fringed the carpet. I really love that you have the option (and measurements) for using concentrated or regular cleaner and you can use any brand of cleaner that you want.  Of course, with carpet cleaner coupons & sales available on varying brands, this is a big bonus for me!

Adding cleaner and water to the machine is extremely easy and well labeled. When I was ready to dump the dirty water, it was very easy to pop out the container, use the pour spout to empty it, and pop it back in. When I was done with all the carpets, it used the latch to remove the top portion of the dump tank and rinse out the dirt and grit to make sure it is sparkly clean for our next use. Having both options on the dump tank is very helpful!

I used the attachment head and hose to clean our stairs and it was probably my favorite part of the cleaner! That little guy can do a lot with very little effort!!! And the hose was long enough to reach all of my stairs easily! My stairs look amazing! I even used it to clean our dining room chairs, too! I love that I have the option to purchase additional attachment pieces, too. Though I’m not sure they’re necessary, after being so impressed with the one it came with.

Ultimately, I was over-the-moon impressed with the look and FEEL of my carpets afterward!! They are amazingly clean – much, much cleaner than with my friend’s borrowed device (though I’m still thankful for her letting me borrow it), and they were dry within an hour or two!!! While this device lacks a few of the “fancier” amenities and options, it gets the job done – pure & simple. And for just $203.99, that’s exactly what you want and need it to do!!

I would highly recommend the Hoover MaxExtract 60 to anyone in the market for a carpet cleaner. I will warn you – I believe firmly that cleaning carpets is an addictive process; the cleaner they are, the cleaner you want them to stay. Thus, plan on getting a lot of use out of your machine!!

* This is a sponsored post: I received a sample of this product via Mom Central Consulting to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.

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