Clever Kitchen: Whoopie Pie Baking FAIL

by Alecia on August 16, 2012

For a few days now I’ve had this nagging desire to try to convert our Ice Cream Shoppe Cupcakes recipe into Whoopie Pies.  Yesterday morning, I finally put my plan into action … and failed terribly!!  I made a few adaptions to the recipe, but knew that the batter would still be a bit runny and that I had about a 50/50 shot at my vision coming out right.  Turns out I flipped tails and though I managed to salvage the disaster into an edible (and amazingly delicious) treat, they were far from the little puffed beauties I had envisioned!

After mixing up my Ice Cream Shoppe Cupcake batter (with a bit more flour & baking powder), I was starting to feel a little optimistic with how they might turn out.  Here’s what they looked like BEFORE going into the oven …

And here’s what they looked like AFTER being in the oven …

A total and complete ascetic baking FAIL!!  Never letting food go to waste, nor admitting defeat, I let them cool, whipped up the Marshmallow Icing, and set about salvaging my whoopie pies.  I’m pleased to report that the end result was the World’s Wonkiest Whoopie Pies … but possibly also the world’s TASTIEST!!!

They were delicious & confirmed that my initial instincts were correct – the Ice Cream Shoppe Cupcakes would make fabulous tasting whoopie pies.  Don’t worry – I’ll try again and will post a real Clever Kitchen recipe once I do!

So, next time you read a scrumptious post of me bragging about another incredible dish I whipped up, be sure to remember this particular baking fail – and imagine all of the ones I don’t post about. :)  Great results sometimes require a bit of a risk – and those risks sometimes don’t turn out – case in point!

Come on – don’t let me hanging here! Got any great kitchen fails of your own?! DISH the story in a comment – I won’t judge you (obviously!!).

You can find plenty more yummy recipes from my Clever Kitchen, too!

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hannah K August 16, 2012 at 6:05 pm

augh I’ve been craving these things lately, but refuse to buy storebought with all the junk in it. I might just have to try making that marshmellow icing.


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