Clever Kitchen: How to Clean Mushrooms

by Alecia on August 29, 2012

Here’s another quick tip that I thought you all might enjoy – How to Clean Mushrooms!  For years I was cleaning our mushrooms the wrong way – rinsing them in water, often submerging them in order to clean them all at once.  Because mushrooms are so porous, this is actually harmful to them and changes the texture and taste!!  Who knew?!

Thankfully, I learned the error of my ways due to a tip from a well-respected chef and am excited to pass along my enlightening new method (which is really easy) to all of you …

1. Using your fingers, brush off any larger clumps of dirt or extra “flesh” that might be around your mushroom(s).

2. Using a damp paper towel or other delicate cloth, carefully and gently brush the top and stem of each mushroom to remove any dirt or soil.  Be careful not to peel any of the outer flesh off of your mushroom or bruise the mushroom by pressing too hard.

3. With a sharp knife, trim your mushroom stems as desired.

4. Done! Now you’re ready to prep your mushrooms according to your cooking instructions or enjoy them as they are!

Hope you found this tip helpful!  You can find plenty more yummy recipes from my Clever Kitchen, and even a few other cooking tips like How to Dice an Onion!

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