How to Make Your Own Pumpkin Carving Templates

by Alecia on October 26, 2012

If you have not done so already, you’re probably planning to carve pumpkins this weekend.  Don’t be restricted to just the easy-peasy Jack-o-Lantern face or the pricey pre-made templates!  This year, be unique and make your own!!  To help you make a killer carved pumpkin and save money in the process, here are my family’s tips for how to make a pumpkin carving template … for FREE!

  • Decide on a decal, image, or icon that you would like to carve.
  • Search the web for a great image of your choice.
  • Print your image in the appropriate size to fit your pumpkin.
  • Trim paper in a rounded fashion to fit your image – leaving at least an inch excess around image.
  • Using tape, affix your image to pumpkin, making it as tight as possible.
  • Using a sharp, pointed object, punch small holes in pumpkin, through image outline – making sure to pay attention to parts that need to be adjusted in order to make the image retain its form after carving. Note: These holes do not have to pierce the entire way through the pumpkin, just graze the flesh enough to make a mark. An old pen would work great!
  • Once you have completely “traced” the image onto the pumpkin, remove paper.
  • Using baking flour (or other like substance), rub a bit across the face of the pumpkin so you can easily see the hole marks.
  • Carve your pumpkin by cutting along the dotted lines – again, be sure you make adjustments to ensure the image will retain its shape even after it has been carved. It is sometime easier to cut out smaller chunks, rather than try to cut one large chunk all at once.
  • Wipe your pumpkin clean when finished and set out for the world to admire!
Of course, with this method, you can let your mind run wild!  Don’t limit yourself to just a figure or character’s face – you could carve any design you want!  What will you be carving your pumpkins into this year?
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