Clever Kitchen: Mini Hummus Pizzas with Veggies

by Alecia on August 14, 2012

This is a mini-Clever Kitchen post to go with a great new mini take on one of our favorite summer recipes that I’ve posted about before – Veggie & Hummus Grilled Pizza.  This is a perfect way to convert the dinner version of this recipe into a quick lunch or snack … and it would be perfect for back-to-school lunches!!! Just toss the basil, veggies, and extra virgin olive oil to make a “salsa” and then package the pita rounds, hummus, and veggies separately and allow your child to assemble them at school!  My kids LOVE hummus, and devour this recipe when we make it!

Here’s how I transitioned my original dinner recipe into Mini Hummus Pizzas with Veggies:

    • I used mini Pita Rounds that I found at our local store.  I toasted them for a minute or two on our panini grill and then let them cool.
    • I spread each cooled round with a generous helping of hummus.
    • Using the same great veggies and items that we love on the dinner version, I just used a finer chop when prepping them so that I could fit more variety on each small round.  I topped each hummus covered pita round with a smattering of each vegetable (basil, red pepper, gourmet tomatoes, and kalamata olives).
    • I then drizzled each round with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil.
    • And then we ate them … nom nom nom.

Just like with the dinner version, you can customize this recipe to your family’s personal tastes by using whole wheat or whole grain pitas, flavored hummus, and a variety of vegetables & toppings that your family enjoys (example: shredded carrots, cucumber, broccoli, celery, peppadew, feta cheese, etc)!  If you haven’t made any variety of this recipe yet, YOU MUST!!! Trust me – it is so delicious and perfect for these hot August days!!

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